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How difficult is it to make a good breakfast?

Dead simple I hear you say, well… Well, as a volunteer in the Open Door, breakfast is not simple. We are dealing with many people and there are as many ways to make breakfast as there are people. Take fried eggs, for example, they vary from runny to ‘nuked’, and what is runny to one it is raw to others.

Somebody wants their breakfast piping hot, others stone cold and the many variations in between. With beans or without, tinned tomatoes or fresh when we have them or, “no tomatoes, I’m allergic!!’.

In the kitchen we have got to know how people want their breakfast, most of the time.  The team works very well, one with the toast, one with eggs, one trying to put it all together. Keeping breakfast hot, ready and out as fast as we can, we know each other and know the way we all work.  I enjoy working with them, there is camaraderie, and lots of laughter. There is a great sense of achievement at the end of a morning, knowing that we have fed all those people who were hungry, sometimes cold and tired.  We keep in mind that for most of our clients Open Door is the only place where they are treated as individuals, and that maybe for the first time they have choices.

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